It was not an error of the interpreter, but does matter who?

To start answering the question of the title, to us, as Formators and to all professional performers, as representatives of this profession that requires so much effort and preparation, we care much.

Translators and interpreters are already more than accustomed to hear negative reviews about our profession, mainly caused by the malpractice of pseudotraductores without training or respect for what is supposed to convey the words of a person. But that does not mean that we do not indignemos whenever media load the inks against us.

In Trágora formation do not believe appropriate to remain arms crossed before an attack that has been around the world by the impact of the event in question and because communication has raced to rectify their information. And it is that this time, it was not error of Venezuelan “interpreter” of the TV chain in Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games opening. Now explain why.

This is the video that has circulated around the world:

which was broadcasting the opening of the games and reach the moment of the speech of the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, decided to make itself the simultaneous interpretation with this shameful result:

Original sentence: “The selfishness is gaining ground”.

Non-professional interpretation: “the selfies are everywhere”.

What a professional interpreter would have done: “selfishness is gaining ground”.

However, our colleague’s profession, Danielys P. Fernandez, blows us that this television station already has a long history of gaffes that is not accompanied by corrections or press releases that apologize.